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Andrea Zonzini

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Andrea Zonzini

Andrea “Perry Colante” Zonzini was born in Rimini in 1981.

He graduated at Istituto d’Arte Federico Fellini in Riccione, specializing in Advertising
graphics and later on earning the higher qualification diploma as Industrial Design Project
engineer, sharpening his native skills that led him to combine brilliantly classical drawing
and graphics with streamlined and imaginative knowledge and fantasies of his mind.
He currently works as a graphic designer and illustrator for a relevant company in San

Over the years he has displayed his work in various exhibitions across Italy bringing its
innovative yet colorful imaginative vision to the people, blasting his typical disruptive
range of color choice, boldy suggesting messages about the actual community we live in
and its daily contradictions, often bearing the inner discomfort opposing the related
obsessive care of the (self) image, conflicts , difficulties in human relationships.

By the aid of a minimalist visual language, which becomes the expression cypher of
a personal counterculture neo-pop, Andrea ‘Perry Colante’ Zonzini highlites in his
joyful original ‘technicolor’ perception everyday objects and characters he captures
and portrays to our delight.