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Angela Filippini

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Angela Filippini

After few years of creative “hibernation”, my works recently re-emerged drawing a renewed, more complete force. I tackle the process by trying to follow a conceptual path, where the canvas is not merely inert support to the colour, but has instead a strong physical presence, thus becoming the work’s pivotal element.

By using special threading techniques, I am able to create new shapes in order to materialize visions and possibilities and give the work a new dimension. This dimension reflects some intimate inner sides of mine and feels close to what I value as “non-obvious”. Following this analytical stage, I am then ready to recompose the work, by bringing canvas and colour back together. The idea takes then a new form.

My strong fashion background inspired me to channel creativity through a different stream. Fabrics, woven and threads still present themselves to me, although now with a different purpose. They allow me to infuse my works with a new type of life.

Angela Filippini was born in Pesaro, Italy. She has been working in the fashion business for more than twenty-five years, spanning from design to styling, from production to collection development. Her portfolio of collaborations include brands such as Prada, Moschino and Blumarine. She loves reading, sailing and arts and has a lifelong passion for drawing & design.