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Angelo Borgese

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Angelo Borgese

Angelo Borgese was born in Catania on 02.04.66. He graduated in 1986 at the Institute of Art in Catania with the Master Nino Mustica (an artist who will always remain for him a point of reference and for whom he created gigantic mosaics for German commissions). In 1990 he graduated in painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Urbino under the guidance of Master Omar Galliani. He remained in Urbino and created at the Stamperia S. Chiara many woodcuts and large prints that were exhibited in the best Italian galleries and that travelled in a folder with world-famous artists. In 1996 he realized an art graphic for “Horizons of Europe”, UNDP United Nations, in a printing press of the Municipality of Tassullo (Tn). In 1997 he made a woodcut for an author booklet in collaboration with the poetess M. G. Zamparini and the Pulcinoelefante Editions of Milan. From 1994 Angelo began a collaboration with the critic Prof. Giandomenico Semeraro and consequently with the galleries of Florence “Il Ponte” and “Tornabuoni”. Since 1996 he began working with the Lee Art Gallery of Seoul, Korea. Since then he participated in numerous collective and personal exhibitions throughout Italy. He works incessantly between Romagna and Sicily. He has currently a studio in Gradara (Marche).

Angelo Borgese’s works are always born from the use of different materials. Especially with regard to painting, the first support has always been paper: pure cellulose, recycled, crafted or packaged invoices, old wallpapers or Chinese paintings found in some flea markets. They are papers of all kinds that Angelo blends and transforms with scratches, engravings, tears and oil colors, chine and pencils. Latterly , his research has moved on to three-dimensional works, and the small theaters of the early years have been transformed into real sculptures.  Moreover, even in this case his research has expanded on to many materials: wood, papier-mâché, cement, ceramics, stones, old tiles, tin, recycled objects … different materials that, in the tales of Angelo Borgese’s works, coexist in perfect harmony and elegance.