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Enrico Pambianchi

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Enrico Pambianchi

I was born and raised in Ostellato, Italy in 1969. Good year for the Chateau Mouton Rothschild red! Currently I live and work in Portomaggiore.


The passion for art has always been part of me since I was a child and I was always curious about the ever-changing painting techniques.

Moving through boundless art forms I manipulated these painting techniques and improvised with different materials. I kept on changing; I was as lively impulsive and restless as I am now!


In the early 90’s in Ostellato I was one of the co-founder of an artists’ circle that organized a famous event with celebrity chef Igles Corelli: an iconographic analysis of the work and life of Toulouse Lautrec.

Since then I managed to exhibit my art at “Zanolini Arte” and “Circolo Ravellino Ferrara” events. Also some of my work is part of the Rina Cavallini Collection.


Until the end of the 90’s I experimented the figurative art on classical subjects using chalks and oil. During that time I was inspired by the work of Modena painter Wainer Vaccari who later I started a close friendship with.


With the turn of the century something changed in my way of reading the classics and I started approaching the figurative art with an informal style and with a different use of techniques. I portrayed comic books characters such as Captain America but above all “the creature”, the modern Prometheus: Frankenstein.

After obsessively depicting Mary Shelley’s character, dr. Victor von Frankenstein, I started experimenting the collage technique. From then on the subject and the technique of my paintings developed together defining my artistic maturity and pushing me to explore new painting media and techniques like oil, resin, plastic moulding, crayon, engraving all trying to capture and convey a sense of dirtiness, heterogeneity and nonsense that generates discomfort to the viewer; as I felt uncomfortable and horrified in front of the sublime creature of Frankenstein when I first saw it.


The use of light in my paintings plays a very important role too.


Part of my artistic maturity/immaturity is also due to my research into sensationalism. I find myself often unintentionally inspired by Chuck Close portraits and his manic investigation into the art.