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Giancarlo Nucci

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Giancarlo Nucci

Giancarlo Nucci was born in Rimini in 1944, he lives and works in Monza. His long experimentation,since the 1970s, from figurative to abstract naturalism and informal art, outlines a determined and well-structured research and an artistic path inspired by the nature and the spiritual perspective of human condition; hence, the outcome is the creation of paintings that are strongly materic and show deep chromatic intensity and whose contents embrace thematic cycles like concerts, landscapes, gold, the Cross, the mountains, the sea, the contemporary events, the environment.

His artworks are exhibited in many art galleries, banks, museums and private collections in Italy, France, Belgium, USA. He has been quoted by personalities like Paolo Biscottini, Cecilia De Carli, Donatella Volontè, Beatrice Buscaroli, Elio Guerriero, Angela Bonomi and Angela Madesani. Since 2006 he has been painter member of the Società per le Belle Arti ed Esposizione Permanente in Milan. His pictures and reviews are included in the volume “LA VIA ITALIANA ALL’INFORMALE”, in the section “ULTIME TENDENZE”, edited by Virgilio Patarini, ed. Giorgio Mondadori 2013 and in the volume “PERCORSI D’ARTE IN ITALIA”, edited by Vincenzo Le Pera, ed. Rubattino 2015.