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Luciano Baldacci

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Luciano Baldacci

Luciano Baldacci was born in Macerata Feltria on 9 April 1957.

Painter and engraver trained at the “Scuola del Libro” of Urbino, he currently lives and works in Sassofeltrio in the province of Pesaro and Urbino.
An artist of the “silence”, so it could be called Luciano Baldacci. His works and his way of being, shy of worldly life, lead to the consideration of the concept of “silence”. Silence in the sense of strictly personal dimension of his art and “silence” of his works, never “noisy” in the themes, in the atmospheres, in the colors, always addressed to a contemplation that leads to the whole interior pleasure of the world that surrounds us. Looking at one of his landscapes, his still life, his patch of forest or a ruin, everything that is superfluous in life disappears and the essence of things appears: the more we are in contact with the simple and profound part of us themselves and of Nature, the more ours will be a peace and a spiritual enjoyment, much stronger and deeper than the physical one.

Baldacci recovers the figurative tradition, without being trivial. His painting is not icy or academic, but full of a spirit of observation, of introspection that allows him to capture and animate, with a certain meticulousness, the most hidden secrets of things and apparently the most insignificant details.