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Marta Bonaventura

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Marta Bonaventura

Marta Bonaventura was born in 1982 in Dolo, (Venice, Italy) she begins about 13 years ago to find expression in the artistic world.
Self-taught artist Marta Bonaventura has begun to show interest in Abstract, Collage and Pop Art since she was a child. Marta is a great lover of Andy Warhol , but she does not want to recreate his works or use his originality. In fact, she has a great creative gift and develops any type of message through papers, colors and different kind of paints: from acrylics to spray, from chalk to watercolors.

Other great passion she has and who is really good to create on her canvas are travels. She used to live in UK, Canada and Australia for several years and she is constantly on a plane to discover other little pieces of this magnificent world. This is why she wanted to create a Project called “A Day In…” where she tells about her travels around the world through her Art. The result is a combination of maps, papers and a mixure of interesting shades of colors, on her canvas. These colors and layers bring the interlocutor inside her artworks and it seems to travel with her – with her fantasy and in her own world. Here at Art-Preview you have the privilege to be part of it.

During the last years she has attended at various national and international art fairs and solo shows in selected art galleries. She also had the opportunity to exhibit in Australia, Melbourne, as part of a solo exhibition dedicated to her. Her paintings, we can say, have travelled around the world!