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Mauro Pipani

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Mauro Pipani

Mauro Pipani was born in 1953 lives and works in Cesena and Verona (Italy). He graduated  at the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna with Pompilio Mandelli (1976), for three decades he has carried out his artistic activity through painting, photography and design.


He has dozens of personal and collective exhibitions of national and international importance and he is present in the Art circuit with reference galleries. It is part of the international artistic movement called “NewFaustianWorld” founded by the sociologist of art, critic and curator Raffaele Quattrone.


Mauro Pipani is a professor at the Fine Arts Academies in Italy, he currently teaches painting techniques and painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Verona.


He started off back in 1972 with a group of young artists called “la Comune” directed by the Nobel Prize Dario Fo. In 1973 he participated in the Suzzara Award Festival and in 1975 he founded, at the Academy of Visual Arts, an artistic movement called di ‘Via delle Bisce’, in which the artists, despite their own different languages, were united in the intent of producing an art which was socially active. In the 1970s he collaborated with “sul Porto”, an art publication directed by Walter Valeri, Stefano Simoncelli and Ferruccio Benzoni.




He has had several participations in major national one-man and group shows with a vast literature by Gian Ruggero Manzoni, Rosanna Ricci, Enzo Dallara, Erica Calvi, Maria Virginia Cardi, Marco Meneguzzo, Maria Rita Bentini, Alberto Zanchetta, Adriano Baccilieri, Edoardo Di Mauro, Giancarlo Papi, Sabina Ghinassi, Claudio Spadoni, Francesca Battistini, Marisa Zattini, Annamaria Bernucci, Camilla Boemio, Raffaele Quattrone e Renato Barilli.