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Hinglaz Bardoloi

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Hinglaz Bardoloi

Hinglaz Bardoloi was born in India

My creative inspiration comes from my internal landscapes that form from my everyday life experiences, thoughts and people I meet. A confluence of expressions if you will, that flow through my art.
I am an artist based out of Bangalore, India and I love the multiple layers of identity, color, lifestyle, culture and music that touch me everyday adding to my expression.

I turned a full time professional artist after quitting my management consulting career of 18 years in 2018 to pursue at last my calling, which was a compulsive need to make art. A self taught artist trained in multiple disciplines including music, management consulting and data analytics, no other creative medium has come as close to allowing me the depth of self expression and meditative introspection that art has.
The underlying themes of my art more often than not seem to deal with the questions of identity,of reconciling the old with the new, of inspiration and of a psychological sense of belonging since these questions have preoccupied me for the better part of my life now.Therefore, although an intuitive and subconscious process, my own inner struggle to make sense of my human purpose in a complex and multilayered world seeps into my art.

Upcoming: Participations in Exhibitions, Fairs and Critical Mentions

Selected to exhibit in the curated online exhibition of Ashok Jain Gallery, New York- June 2019
Selected for Nationwide ‘Emerging Artist Hunt’ and exhibition finalists by Kalanirvana, Hyderabad- exhibition date to be announced
Group Exhibition in D D Neroy Art Gallery, Mumbai India- 17th June 2019
Group Exhibition at the Roerich International Memorial Trust Art Gallery, Naggar, India- 7th June 2019
Artwork and Artist Interview selected to be featured in the online art Magazine – Contemporary Art Review- Not Random Art, June 2019 Issue

In the Past: Participations in Exhibitions, Fairs and Critical Mentions
Exhibited in a group show Mirielle in New Delhi with Merakii Arthouse in March 2019
Selected for participation in World Art Dubai 2019 in April 2019 by Mumbai based gallery ArtSouqk 6.
Artwork featured in the UK based art magazine Average Art in the April 2019 edition