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Dario Galante

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Dario Galante

My artistic career began at a very young age, in Colombia, thanks to my father, who is also a painter.
Since I was a child I was attracted by the color and of course by the tropical environment in which I lived, painting landscapes and still-lifes with very violent colors, very similar to those used by the German Expressionists, a movement that I didn’t know about then.

Over time, I have come closer and closer to abstract art, even Russian constructivism.
However, my production has always been the result of a continuous experimentation and research both of composition and color, but also of the materials used, up to my last works, characterized by color and material, which together with tears in the canvas, create natural lights and shadows, giving the same three-dimensionality, almost like bas-reliefs.

In my opinion, painting is the expression of what we are, and above all, of what we feel. For this reason the first approach to the work should be instinctive and very gestural, an intimate dialogue between you and the canvas without any intermediary. Only later it can be studied, analyzed and finally, if necessary, addressed.

Where do I want to go? I simply want to continue experimenting and looking for alternative ways to express myself in a new and original way; also trying to use more and more eco-compatible materials such as, for example, the eco-mortars and various recycled materials that I already use.