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Maddalena Fano Medas

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Maddalena Fano Medas

My art is mainly inspired by a freedom of expression, both pictorially and technically. I make use of many different materials. I have no particular style and I am not part of any movement or group. I work mainly with “Spirito Libero” and this is unconditional. I follow my instinct guided by the place where I am and, above all, by the historical time. Since 1970, I have updated my research and justified it in a social context without compromising the possibilities of the figurative imagination.

I cover culture, nature and art with one of the most common symbols of this consumerist society, “jeans”, which yesterday was a symbol of a “global dispute”, of the rejection of social conventions and of fashion that used to reflect the differences existing between the different classes and social roles. Today “jeans” is a symbol of global popularity.

Today for me, the used appearance and the captivating colour of jeans, of which fashion has taken possession, has become the flip side of the coin; the escape from memories, the physicality that is opposed to every content, mercilessly canceling it. I have always looked “ahead”, anticipating issues, both social and environmental which are too often neglected. I also recycled old objects bringing them to a new life, a “recovery of memory”. In my opinion, it is fundamental to better know, not only yourself, but above all, to better understand the why of this world in “involution”. My passion for flying (I have been a pilot for over 55 years) has led me to see things from above. Looking down, it seems that everything is neat and clean, but like in Mondrian’s paintings, that perfect vision shows a complexity which belies the apparent vision.

I was born in Fano, where I graduated with a Master of Arts from the Apolloni Institute of Art. Since then I have lived and worked in Riccione for over fifty years. I have exhibited in various parts of Italy and abroad.

I have made several designs for stamps and telephone cards for the Republic of San Marino. I also enjoyed writing children’s books and doing their illustrations. My studio is in Riccione, Via Rimini 10.