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Francesco Ferranti

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Francesco Ferranti

Born in Rimini il 20/06/1969


Graduated from the artistic high school of Rimini and the Accademia Belle Arti of Bologna in 1993.


Winner of the “Demos Bonini” award in 1996 for young painters from Rimini.


In 1997 he participated in the collective “Consequences” prize for young artists, at the center of visual arts in Riccione.


In the same year he participated in the painting collective in the “La corte” in Cesena and he participates in the “Biennale d’arte Romagnola”.


Also in ’99 he followed the “AICS Figurative Arts Exhibition” with several collective exhibitions in the cities of Ferrara, S.Marino, Bologna, Parma and Rimini.


2004 “Contemporanea di arte di Forlì” Coppedè gallery. 2008 “Collective RN 20:48” at the “Fabbrica” of Gambettola. 2011 “Contemporanea Forlì” with Schiavetti arte.

2011 Collective “Canoni inversi” at Palazzo Morattini di Pievequintina (FO) with Schiavetti arte


2014 Visual arts collective “Granai di Memoria” at the Musas of S. Arcangelo